Bluestone Children’s Center has an open-door policy to all parents/caregivers of children in the program. All rooms in our facility where treatment occurs have been designed to include a large 2-way mirror so that parents/caregivers can observe their child’s treatment as often as they are able. Additionally, this setup allows for effective supervision of therapists in order to ensure ongoing training and feedback occurs throughout treatment. 


Our 14,000 square foot facility also includes:

  • An over sized gym that encourages children to engage in social play on climbing structures and social games (e.g., duck duck goose, tag, etc.) and provides a space to increase gross motor skills (e.g., climbing, jumping, riding bikes, parachute, etc.).

  • Our gym also includes a built in road/track to help teach bike and safety awareness

  • A large playroom designed to increase creativity and independent play through providing a space to generalize learned play skills to a natural setting. Our playroom offers a variety of age-appropriate pretend play, close-ended play, and theme-based play materials. 

  • An outdoor space for children and families to enjoy some fresh air! 

  • Four group treatment rooms that allow an area for each child to have more structured one-on-one learning with their therapist in a more natural ‘classroom-like’ setting. Rather than individualized treatment rooms, our treatment rooms are designed to have several children receiving therapy simultaneously to better prepare them for a classroom setting and offer them continued social opportunities with their peers. 

  • Individual treatment rooms for beginning learners and children who thrive with minimal distractions

  • Our group room provides a space for children to come together for group learning activities, arts&crafts, and to engage in other social opportunities (i.e., turn taking games, sharing, etc.).

  • A private parent lounge exclusive to parents of children enrolled in the center-based program. This space gives parents an area to make a coffee, put their feet up and relax while their children are participating in their therapy sessions.

  • Key pad entrance with security codes only available to parents/caregivers with children enrolled in the program.   

The Learning Center

Specialty Rooms

Our clinic truly is setting the stage for the next step in the standard of behavior analysis and your child will greatly benefit from receiving these early intervention services. 

  •  A simulated dentists office where children can work on getting more comfortable in a dental setting and where therapists can help prepare your child for that upcoming dental appointment!

  •  A simulated ‘Hair Cut Hut’ that allows your child to acclimate to all that’s included in a trip out to get their hair cut!  

  • We also have the amazingly talented and local children's hair stylist: Ms. Kelsey come to our center to do real hair cuts for those parents who sign up every 6 weeks!

  • A mini theater (seating for 6 only) where your child can sit back and practice being in a different family/social setting while being able to enjoy some of their favorite movies!

  •  A community kitchen to generalize mealtime behavior to a natural environment.


We are conveniently located 1/4 mile off of 275/Ann Arbor Rd (exit 28).  

Easy access from Novi, Northville, Plymouth, Livonia, Canton, Westland, Dearborn and more!

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