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Counseling Services for Livonia, MI

Also Serving the Surrounding Area

At Bluestone Children’s Center in Livonia, MI, we understand the importance of finding the right counseling services for your children. As parents, you want a safe and supportive environment where your child can explore their emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms. That's why we offer both individual and group therapy sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.

Our Multi-Faceted Counseling Services


Our center stands out in the Livonia area for its diverse range of therapeutic modalities. We believe in utilizing various approaches to cater to the individuality of each child, ensuring that they receive personalized care that resonates with them. From cognitive-behavioral therapy to play therapy, our experienced therapists are skilled in implementing different techniques to facilitate growth and healing in children.

At Bluestone Children’s Center, our mission is to provide a warm and welcoming space where children feel empowered to express themselves and work through challenges in a supportive setting. We foster a nurturing environment that encourages emotional exploration and personal development.

Parents in Livonia and surrounding areas can trust Bluestone Children’s Center to provide compassionate and effective counseling services for their children. Our commitment to helping children thrive emotionally and mentally sets us apart as a trusted resource for families seeking professional support for their children's well-being.

Child at Psychologist

Individual Counseling

We have both counselors and dually certified counselors (i.e., who also are board certified behavior analysts) specialized in pediatrics. 

School Children

Group Therapy

Depending on the nature of the concerns, group therapy can be an ideal choice for addressing your areas of growth and making positive changes in your child's life.

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