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Monday - Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm

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Monday- Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm

Applied Behavior Analysis

(ABA) Therapy



Occupational Therapy

Bluestone Children’s Center is focused on increasing the industry standard of center-based ABA services by delivering quality, evidence-based therapy that focuses on the individual child’s needs as well as encouraging family involvement and training.


Just as the stacking stones "cairn" symbol in our logo is used as a trail marker in many parts of the world, we aim to be a positive experience for the entire family unit and a personal guide as our clients and families venture together through their journey with autism.

Who we are

Bluestone is a privately-owned,  community-centered, ABA therapy program committed to providing quality and evidence-based treatment for children diagnosed with autism.  

What we do

We offer a "whole family"  approach to delivering behavior analytic therapy in a child-friendly, natural, preschool setting.  We are honored to be a part of your "village" and will be a strong support network every step of the way for the entire family.

Our mission to you

As you begin this new journey through autism, we are committed to providing you with the support that you need as a caregiver to provide your child with the best treatment experience possible.

38935 Ann Arbor Rd., Suite 150. Livonia, MI 48150


Email: contact@bluestonechildrenscenter.com




Regular office hours
M-F 8.00-4:30
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"If a child can't learn
the way we teach,
maybe we need to teach
the way they learn."
-Ignacio Estrada        

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38935 Ann Arbor Rd, Suite 150

Livonia, MI 48150


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