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Occupational Therapy Program

Who: Children 0-17 (with any qualifying diagnosis or need)

When: On-site therapy sessions are scheduled M-F  8:00AM-6:00PM

How: Contact the Bluestone enrollment team if interested or to learn more!

(248) 886-9540

Child In Speech Therapy

The Bluestone Approach

HOW can our Occupational Therapy help your child?​ 


Our highly trained healthcare professionals are licensed through the state of Michigan and registered through the National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) 

They evaluate and assist children who are having difficulty participating in meaningful activities or “occupations” that are needed throughout daily life. 


WHY might my child be referred to occupational therapy? 

  • Fine Motor Difficulties 

  • Eye-hand coordination difficulties 

  • Visual motor delays 

  • Visual perceptual delays 

  • Self-care delays 

  • Sensory processing difficulties 

  • Feeding difficulties 

  • Decreased range of motion 

  • Social difficulties 

    WHAT we do 

  • Individual occupational therapy sessions. 

  • Individual feeding therapy 

  • Play-based therapy 

  • Group therapy 

  • Parent education and consultation  

Monthly parent and community trainings.

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