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Speech and Language Therapy 

Who We Service: Children 0-17 years with any qualifying diagnosis and/or need

When: Speech and language therapy is offered Monday-Thursday 8AM-5PM, and Friday 8AM-4PM.


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School Children

Story champs
speech and language group therapy

developing oral language through story telling!

social Skills
speech and language group therapy

For the home, school, friendships, and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Summer Camp!

Learn more about how your kids can continue to grow and learn in true fun summertime fashion!








Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices

What is it and how might it benefit your child?

Per the American Speech and Language Hearing Association (ASHA),

"AAC is used by people who cannot rely on their speech. It incorporates the individual's full communication abilities and may include any existing speech or vocalizations, gestures, manual signs, and aided communication.

AAC is truly multimodal, permitting individuals to use every mode possible to communicate. Over time, the use of AAC may change, and the AAC systems chosen today may not be the best systems tomorrow.  

Well over 2 million persons who present with significant expressive language impairment use AAC. AAC users encounter difficulty communicating via speech due to congenital and/or acquired disabilities occurring across the lifespan. These conditions include but are not limited to autism, cerebral palsy, dual sensory impairments, genetic syndromes, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, hearing impairment, disease, stroke, and head injury.”

Learn more about the assessment process and if this may be a right fit for your child by clicking the link below.



Bluestone Speech and Language Department offers free and paid parent trainings at least 3 times per year! These trainings are typically held on site at Bluestone Children’s Center or completed via Zoom. The speech and language department offers these trainings to help parents better understand how to implement speech and language therapy techniques within the home and all other environments.

Additionally, these trainings are the perfect time for parents to ask specific questions directly with a speech-language pathologist. Lastly, the trainings offered can be an important addition to a child’s education and therapy programs as well as promotes generalization of learned skills to all environments!


Collaboration between Disciplines 

Collaboration between a child’s ABA team, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist provides the opportunity to obtain input from professionals with different perspectives and specialties as well as provides consistency and generalization in care. Family members are an integral part of a child's team, as well. Here at Bluestone, the Speech and Language Department goes above and beyond in order to provide families with a multidisciplinary approach to therapy, with families being at the center of this approach!


“Charlotte has been attending Speech and Language Therapy at Bluestone Children’s Center since September of 2019. She attends 3 speech sessions a week. Charlotte has Autism and was diagnosed in May of 2019. Prior to attending Bluestone, Charlotte would not respond to her name and had very few words in her vocabulary. The Bluestone SLP department has done amazing things for Charlotte. She is now able to say 15 to 20 words, and is able to effectively communicate her needs and wants through her communication device (ProSlate10D with TouchChat with Word Power), non-verbal cues, and words! These are the kindest, most nurturing, creative and patient SLP therapists. They’ve also assisted us with additional parent trainings to ensure that the work that is being done in sessions is also carried over into our home. They’re providing a huge impact in Charlotte’s ability to communicate and I’m grateful for everything they’re doing for her!”

-Nicole Kibit

“Our son started speech therapy at Bluestone in Sept 2020, just after his fourth birthday. He had about 50 words; sometimes he would put two words together. He did not have any functional language. Fast forward to August 2021, he talks non-stop! He can express his wants and needs (and boy, does he!), narrates his activities, and engages in pretend play. His growth has been amazing.”

-Gabrielle Kowal

“Logan has been a miracle worker for my son. Within a few weeks of working with Logan he showed great progress with his speech and communication skills. He is continuing to astonish us with his progress and each week surprises us with new skills and language he is learning. Logan is a joy and truly cares for her clients. She is always readily available whenever we have any questions or concerns and caters to my sons individual needs. The whole speech department has been amazing. I’ve learned a great deal from them as they host parent trainings to help educate caregivers on how best to help our children. I truly don’t know where we would be with out the wonderful speech department at bluestone.”

-Rachel Carnaghi

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