Speech Therapy Program

Who: Children 12 and under (with any qualifying diagnosis or need)

When: Speech services are open M-F 8:00AM-5:00PM

How: Contact our main line if interested or to learn more!

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Of Speech Therapy

Autism can affect speech, language development, and social communication in many ways.  Some may find they have trouble producing speech sounds to to communicate effectively. 

They work together with parents, teachers, and other professionals to help set specific goals, including social interaction, behavior, and classroom performance.

Because of theses challenges, some children require a different type of learning in order to acquire these communication skills, and Speech-Language Pathologists teach exactly that. 


Sometimes, a child may require another form of communication in order to learn language.

These include:​

  • Electronic devices, or "talkers" 

  • Picture boards

  • typing words out or drawing a picture to express how they feel

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